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Baby Boo Class

January Booking is now Open 

Baby Boo: Interactive stories suitable for non-walking children


Baby Boo Stories is an interactive story group where stories are brought to life with songs, bubbles, puppets and fun. We believe that groups should be fun for both you and your baby.


In the sessions we weave a variety of developmental movement exercises and games into the actions of the songs and story. We use songs, rhythm, and sensory equipment to engage your little one in play .

Each child has a variety of sensory equipment,  these include texture, colours, sounds, shapes and the children are encouraged to explore these with their grown up throughout the session. This is a session where we interact with the little ones and have the opportunity to play and have fun together.

We love books and it is never too early to read to your little ones. The more stories you read aloud, the more words sounds, and the rhymes of language your baby will hear. This builds the foundations for language development and a love of books.

Reading to your baby is a great way to develop a close bond. Your baby will love to hear your voice and enjoy close snuggles as you read, helping them to feel safe and secure. Of course your new born won't understand what you say to begin with but the different rhythms and sounds will help develop your little ones hearing and the snuggles will help your baby feel safe and secure, which is important for emotional development.

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Mini Boo group
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Little Boo Theatre:
Immersive drama and role play for Children 3-5 years

Little Boo Stories is a group for 3-5 year olds and is a fusion of storytelling, puppetry and craft where the children develop a group story that is shown at the end of the term.


The children are actively involved in creating a piece of organic theatre. The story is devised through games, puppetry, movement, music and play. This is then weaved together and developed to create a story which is shown at the end of the term. 

Working in this way enables the children to fully engage creatively without the fear of getting it wrong and enables everyone in the group to be seen and heard.


Groups must be booked for the whole term but there is a opportunity to have a taster session and join once the term has started (these also need to be booked)

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Make a Mess story
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Mini Boo: Toddler/infant
Interactive stories
suitable for children over 18 months & siblings under the age of 5 years


Mini Boo Stories are the interactive story groups for toddlers and we use a variety of stories that are repeated on a cyclical basis. This helps the children to become familiar with the story songs, action/ movement, helping the children to feel confident in the session and encourages participation and learning.


The sessions are very interactive encouraging children to be absorbed in the story to their full capacity. In the session the children will take part in action, songs, movement and games that are related to the text of the story, often with an emphasis on counting, animals, and other age appropriate learning. 


The group has been created to a high standard with the main emphasis on fun! Stories are brought to life using puppets, movement, song, developmental movement and sensory material which offers the children the opportunity to experience the story on many levels.




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Make A Mess Story: 
Interactive story with messy and sensory play 
for children aged 6 months to 6 years.


Little Boo- Make a Mess story are interactive stories with Messy and sensory play.

At the start of the group take part in there is an interactive story where the children are introduced to the different activities , there will be songs, bubble, puppets, parachutes, big books and lots of Messy fun. The children are then free to move around the activity and MAKE A MESS! 


All of the Messy play and sensory activity are linked to the story and after the interactive story has finished the children are free to explore the different activities bringing the story to life.


Note: Once in the session it is the parents responsibility to watch the children at all times as some of the activities require supervision. Thank you!




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